Innovation Lab

GI Building Sciences has a dedicated innovation lab focused on staying at the forefront of sustainable and practical design. GI Building Sciences is dedicated to improving the building experience for customers and end users by providing smarter, better and more cost-effective solutions than its competitors.

As a business focused on science and engineering we have developed world-first insulation products that raise the bar in usability and performance. Examples include products such as GI All-In-One and ThermoFloor that have been developed by our own highly educated and experienced Material Scientists and Engineers.  All of our products are tested where required with NATA approved laboratories and assessed to the highest industry standards.

Research, development and innovation are the only ways to successfully compete on the world stage today!

Our decision to invest in new reflective aluminium foil bubble and foam insulation manufacturing technology has enormous implications for the future of insulation and the environment in Australia. We’ve always had ideas and theories about how to improve insulation performance, benefits and costs. However, now that we own and operate the insulation manufacturing putting our ideas into play, our theories into practice, are now within our grasp.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing! Some of our best ideas have fallen absolutely flat. Others seem hardly worth the effort. Occasionally, though, we hit one out of the park . . . and that’s what we’ve just done with a new revolutionary reflective aluminium foil bubble and foam insulation product soon to be announced. Insulation R-Value performance and compliance to the very strict Australian building code are already underway.

We invite you to keep in touch to be the first to hear about our game-changing innovations.