Reflective Foil insulation or Fibre-Based insulation?

At GI Building Sciences we have put our money where our beliefs are – it is in Reflective foil insulation all day long.

The question is becoming more and more about what impacts any industry has on the environment as a whole and what effects do those products or processes have on the people who interact with them? On this one there are some definite opinions on fibre based insulation though arguably the jury is not out. GI Building Sciences will continue to look at innovative ways to include and improve recycling of raw materials into our manufacturing process.

The following is one of many such opinions and is an extract from an article published by Martin Banks at

In a report entitled Is it time to legislate the Mineral Wool industry more tightly at EU level. Introducing the study, the author Gary Cartwright who is the publisher of EU Today said: “At a time when insulation of homes and workplaces are high on the political agenda, we need to take a much closer look at one of the common insulation products, mineral wool.”

He went on to say that many people probably do not know which insulation product has been used in their home, adding, “The chances are it could be a form of man-made vitreous fibres (MMVF) or synthetic vitreous fibres (SVFs).

“These are a class of insulating materials used in residential and industrial settings. They are made primarily from glass, rock, slag or clay and include fibreglass, mineral wool, and refractory ceramic fibres. The most common term for them is mineral wool. These products are known to release airborne, respirable fibres during their production, use and removal, which cause health concerns for those who use the products,” he said at the launch.

Perhaps it is only time before the same type of focus takes place here and in the rest of the Asia Pacific Region but in the meantime we are all about continuing with a our great range of products.

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